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Who are you now? Who would you like to become?

Society wants us to believe that if we need in seeking help in creating a better life for ourselves mentally or strive to change aspects of our personality or grow spiritually that we are too broken to help ourselves, that we may need professional medical or pastoral help. These professions usually prescribe antidepressants, encourages one to get more rest, change our diets, consume less alcohol, join a religious organization or pray. While these may help us in the short term, one on one life coaching shifts our thinking to realize that we are not broken and each one of us can consciously create our long term goals and desired outcomes in our lives and futures.

Life Coaching shows you how to shift your thinking, develop self-awareness, update your self-concept (one that you developed as a small child and needs revisiting), and shift from an emotional reactionary personality to a responsive, responsible, self-directed personality. You take full responsibility for your choices and the consequences, becoming empowered to pursue your future through self-determined goals.

Life Coaches don’t “fix” their clients. Clients have to work at changing their life perceptions, responses, and make shifts in thinking. Life Coaches have the tools to help you achieve accurate self-awareness and develop an accurate self-concept. Life Coaches show how your current choices form your future along with the consequences, good or bad. You learn to behave in ways that are always in your best interest. You are the one to cross the goal line.

The Tarot used in life coaching is a picture resource to help you understand your inner journey. I don’t tell your fortune or predict your future. I’m utilizing the Tarot Card images like countless therapists and coaches have done since Carl Jung was in practice. For example, the Tarot represents a life journey or a life situation. Let’s use the first card of the Major Arcana, The Fool. A Fool is a young person starting on their life journey, with their head in the clouds, no distinct pathway, oblivious to the danger that they about to fall off a cliff! Yeah, I can relate, can you? Other cards in the deck portray life situations, and Archetypes help open dialogues of growth between a Life Coach and the Client.

No woo, woo, just pictures to help illustrate, focus self-awareness and gain insight.

Sound good? Are you ready to explore new insights for your life? Join me, let's start a conversation! Email me at to see how we can work together!

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