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The Tarot Swords: The Element of Air, Thoughts, Words, Action, Creating your life.

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

What are you thinking now?

Your thoughts are precursors to words and actions and your life path.

Thoughts are energy transformed into everyday life: what you eat, what you wear, how you react to all around you. Did you know that your thoughts also form your life path/patterns both consciously and subconsciously? Words you think to yourself manifest all the scenarios in your life. You may not even be aware of thinking these thoughts…they might be illustrated in your dreams or your actions/life patterns or through non-verbal communication. Are you depressed, lethargic, feel hopeless? Do you procrastinate, have trouble in your relationships? This is your self-talk keeping you in an endless loop of despair.

In the Tarot, Swords represent the element of Air. Thoughts form words and words are transmitted through the air and into the Universe. The Sword is doubled edged….so words can be kind, healing, funny, loving or they can be hateful, hurtful, distrustful and destructive. An old Indian saying is “Taste your words before you spit them out”! Everything you think consciously or subconsciously and say verbally or non-verbally is created in your life.

Whew! This may seem a bit overwhelming but there are some simple keys to help you corral your thoughts into positive pathways to accomplish your heart’s desires! Through workbooks on core values and communications, utilizing Archetypes and Switchwords, you can reprogram your very own super computer, your mind, to create the life you’ve been longing for!

Are you ready to begin? #lifecoaching #lonetalismanlifecoaching #tarotreadings

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