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Oh, by the light of the Silvery Full Moon!

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

I'm so very blessed to live in the countryside where I can gaze at the Full Moon to my heart's content. I'm surrounded by nature's night sounds...crickets, croaking frogs, fire-flies, owls hooting and coyotes howling. The full Moon is a calming presence while contemplating the past month's accomplishments, setbacks, joys and disappointments.

The Moon's glow creates a sacred space to ground yourself in nature and inner silence, accessing your intuition while journaling your inner thoughts and dreams. Practicing a stream of consciousness style, I write down all thoughts regarding events of the past month, both good and not so good until all writing naturally stops. Reviewing the writings, I separate the good on one page and the grievances on another. Re-reading the grievances, I review how I could have handled situations with better emotional maturity, responsibility and any lessons learned. I then tear up the page into tiny pieces and release them by burning them in my fireproof bowl set on stones. The past is gone, lessons learned. Onward!

The good things are celebrated by giving thanks to the universe for all my wonderful blessings!

Last, I write my Full Moon Achievements or what goals have I realized in the past 30 days in my personal life and my life work!

Clearing your psychic energy once a month at the Full Moon has a wonderful effect on your soulful growth and life goals. The next full Moon is on August 26, 2018...try it!

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