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New Moon Resolutions

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Looking out my darkened window, I realize that this evening marks the New Moon for November. New Moons are a reflective pause for all that has manifested in our lives over the past 30 days, a sorting time for emotions, the everyday stress of living our lives, family relationships and keeping in touch with our true inner selves.

Everyone faces challenges and change in their lives and I am no exception. The key to surfing the ebb and flow, is to know that we have no say in what transpires in others lives or how they react to change. I thinking of two family members this evening. Both are struggling to fight inevitable change in their lives, lifestyles and relationships. One by pretending it's not permanent (it is) and both by using manipulative control drama on everyone around them.

I have been deeply affected to all that is going on within my family, I understand the inconvenience, the emotional loss of the family's status quo, the loss of health and mental capacity in an aging relative and the unsettling knowledge

that this situation will one future day be what my children will personally face with my aging self.

The grace of a New Moon is to face all life has thrown our way and to feel blessed by all the days of our lives. Face each new challenge and say YES I do have the strength to live this wonderful life, full of challenges, but also of beauty, joy, love and abundance. I have the power to choose my reactions to all situations and I choose to surf. I choose who to surround me in my journey, to love and hold close, to laugh and cry with. I choose what and who to let go of and certainly will not tolerate manipulation or drama control from anyone.

Meditate and use this New Moon to set down your joyful intentions for the upcoming month and also reflect on whatever or whoever needs to be lovingly set free from your life. The stars always shine on us.

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