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Code of Ethics


Ethics, Confidentiality, Accountability Agreement:

Lone Talisman Tarot Life Coaching is an independent internet based business.   I consult the Tarot to empower my clients to act on their own behalf and to make their free-will choices based on the Tarot drawn for a specific reading.   I act as a facilitator for the cards, holding open a sacred divine space for the universal conscious for a client to explore guidance and inspiration for their personal questions.  My readings are based on intuition and are in no way are predictive. 

I am not a psychic and I cannot predict the future.

I do not read for a third party, for example, a partner, a friend, a family member, a love interest, no one but you as a client.  I do readings based on relationships, career, and other interpersonal interactions, but the focus will always be on the client.

 I do not read for any legal, medical or psychological questions.  I encourage you, if you have any legal, medical or psychological issues, to seek professional help.

I do not read for specific sexual questions.

I read for all genders, nationalities, LBQT and religions/spirituality. 

I do not read for anyone person under the age of twenty-one years.

You, as a client, are accountable for your decisions based on my Tarot Card coaching.  Tarot Cards act as a intuitive impression of your question/life at the moment of the reading.  You may choose to act on the impression, a part of the impression or decide to do nothing, this is your free-will choice. All readings are focused at one given moment in time and I am not responsible for any present or future events or scenarios.


 I may follow up with you and ask for your feedback on your reading within two weeks.

 I may ask your permission to use your feedback on my web site for promotional use only.  This feedback in no way includes your reading or its details, but your review of the reading and my services.

I will use at my discretion different Tarot decks, oracle decks, spreads or other implements to illustrate a Tarot card reading.

Tarot Readings are fee based.  This fee covers my time, experience and skills.  All readings are paid in advance, and upon receipt of payment a reading will be scheduled via email.  All readings are conducted by email.

  I may ask you to rephrase a question or ask for more information from you in a series of email exchanges.  This exchange will only help you get the best reading with the information you present me. 

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